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Jai Bharath Training Centre has emerged as a leading institute. Located in Trichy, we offer courses in the field of Fire and Safety. Every year there is no. of institutes opening throughout the world, but our training centre stands out of the crowd as it gives all the facilities to learners with mind blowing study material. We have well trained faculties which are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate teachers. Our Infrastructure is well equipped with all kinds of facilities and equipments needed for the best training for study of learners. We are offering various training courses to the learners which involve Fire and Safety Institute, JCB institute and Crane Training institute. Our Training Institute provides the quality practical knowledge to our learners and even conducts mock drills. We not only provide training to the learners but also give tempting placements. We place learners to the well-known industries and make them earn on high scales. We create well efficient learners at our institutes who become good leaders.

Why Us ?

We are pioneering Institute of Fire and Safety and crane training courses. We deliver quality in the courses which makes our learners outstanding in their fields and help them get placed in renowned organizations. We have an excellent team of professionals under the various departments of the institutes. Our company has reached the heights of fame and now sets the benchmark for other Institutes. From a large no. of institutes, Jai Bharath Training Centre in Trichy is known for its aspiring candidates who have the capability to crack any exam/competition of their field. This excellence in learners is a remarkable performance of our professionals who led these learners get the efficiency to do their work and appear as an outstanding student.


We have well-equipped structure of building with all the dimensional facilities and equipments like Safety nets, protection equipments, breathing apparatus, helmets, fire hydrant systems, foam equipments, fire alarm systems, sprinklers, Cranes, JCBs etc. We have an overwhelming experience of handling learners carefully and giving them all the practical knowledge needed for the course. We constantly boost the morale of our learners to keep their confidence high. We have different laborites for different courses, which helps learners to stay clear to the thoughts.